Nylon Collage Female 1.5-3mm
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Nylon Collage Female 1.5-3mm

This BestDive nylon collage design allows you to choose between 2 of over 43 different colors. The first color will replace the black portion of the suit and the second will replace the Camo portion. This allows you to make a custom color combination and a suit that is unique to your own style and taste! BestDive has a wide range of stock sizes available. If you'd like an even better fit we will take 33 measurements and the suit will be custom tailored to your body. This means the suit will be more comfortable and warmer. We don't carry these suits in stock due to the wide variety of sizes, colors and options. When you purchase a suit it will take approximately 20 days to be produced and shipped for a stock suit and 30 days for a custom suit.

Material: Yamamoto 39 Neoprene
Seams: Glued and Blindstitched
Thickness: 3mm or 5mm
Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow
Lining: Your choice or Open Cell or Nylon
Outside: Nylon
Custom Charge: $125

To order visit http://bit.ly/wetsuit-order-forms



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