Dryfob Waterproof Car Key Container Large
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Dryfob Waterproof Car Key Container Large

DRYFOB® is a waterproof car key container suitable for scuba diving and other water sports. It fits all standard car key fobs, is neutrally buoyant with a key fob, and can sustain prolonged diving at depth. While primarily designed for shore diving, the waterproof case can work well for any activity where you want to protect your key from environmental hazards (water, humidity, mud, sand, etc.).

The patent pending DRYFOB car key container is machined out of a rugged aluminum alloy and anodized for additional strength and corrosion protection. Dual O-rings are used to provide a waterproof seal.

All of the DRYFOB sizes have been IPx8 Rated to 330ft (100m). Note that this is not a limitation, it is simply the parameters we specified for our certification testing.

The rugged construction and materials will stand up to repeated and prolonged use (as well as getting tossed around in your dive bag).