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We carry the most popular and highest quality dive lights available in todays market. Whether snorkeling, freediving, spearfishing, scuba diving or just exploring there's a perfect light for you.

For a comparison of 2 of the most popular and successful brands available, UK dive lights and Light in Motion dive lights, check out our video overview.

Rechargeable lights are beginning to become more and more popular in the world of dive lights. These lights are typically much more compact and and can run longer and brighter than traditional lights powered by Duracell batteries. In contrast rechargeable lights are also more expensive.

Permanent sealing means lights are sealed at the factory and can be charged with a plug on the outside of the light. This makes it very different if not impossible to flood the light and destroy it.

Lumen Rating is a way to determine how bright a light is. It's also important to take in account the width of the beam. The more lumens and broader area of light output combine to determine the total output of the light.

If you're unsure of which light is best for you give us a call and our experts would be happy to help find the right light for your use.


Lighting Accessories


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1300 Lumen Narrow Beam

$179.99 - $199.99

1300-Lumen Adjustable Beam


1300-Lumen Wide-Beam Light


450-Lumen Wide-Beam Dive Light

$69.99 - $89.99

Big Blue Red Filter

$15.00 $19.99

CB15000P RC Video Light Only


CB15000P RCP Video Light + Remote Control


Gobe 1000 Wide FC


Gobe 500 Spot


Gobe 800 Spot


Gobe Charge Cable (Fast Charge)


Gobe Imaging Mount Kit


Gobe Light Heads


Lantern Grip for UK Light Canon


Light Canon eLED L1


Marker Beacon Light


MiniQ40 ELED Pillow Pack w/Batteries


Ni Glo Gear Marker


Pistol Grip Light Handle


Pistol Grip, Lightcannon


Sidekick Flood


SL3 eLED (L2)


SL4 ELED MK2 Pillow Pack


Sola Dive 1200 S/F


Sola Dive 1200 S/F Combo (w/Gobe 800)


Sola Dive 2000 S/F


Sola Dive 2500 S/F USB-C


Sola Dive 800 S/F


Sola Nightsea


Sola Photo Mount Kit (ball mount)


Sola Video 1200 S/F


Tovatec Mera Light + Camera




UK C8 eLED (L2)


USB Charger


Used Princeton Tec Shockwave II


VL-33000PII Mini


VL15000P-Pro Mini


Water Activated Marker Light