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Speargun Load Assist for Roller Guns

Constructed of 5/8ths (16 mm) latex rubber tubing, a stainless steel hook and double jacketed Kevlar wishbone. This roller gun load assist helps with the loading of larger more powerful roller guns. Often when spearfishing with roller guns they can be notoriously difficult to load. This handy inexpensive tool will make loading much easier and enjoyable. Imagine not wanting to shoot a fish because of dreading the need to reload again. That's crazy right?! This tool will alleviate that fear and allow you to fire away.

Roller spearguns are typically more powerful than an equivalent speargun that is a standard setup. But this extra power comes at the expense of the difficulty of reloading the gun. Because of this many people don't like using their roller spearguns. This spearfishing load assist will make use of these high powered spearguns much easier and fun.