Mares Strike speargun
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Mares Strike speargun


- A 28mm Diameter Circular Barrel Is Constructed Of Anti-Corrosive Extruded Aluminum With A Low Friction Integrated Shaft Guide
- Open Muzzle Configuration With A Friction Reduction System Between The Slings And The Barrel. The Muzzle Accommodates One Or Two Circular Slings, Ranging From 14mm To 18mm In Diameter
- Simplified And Open Line Of Sight Increases Precision And Instinctive Shooting
- Line Retainers On The Muzzle And Handle Are Low Profile With A Clean And Simple Design
- Line Release Mechanism Is Constructed In Stainless Steel And Optimized For Loading With Thicker Bands
- Trigger Is Designed In A Geometric Shape For Dynamic Shooting
- Latex Circular Slings Come In A New Indigo Color Minimizing Reflection Of Uv Rays Visible To Fish
- Dyneema Wishbone
- 6.5mm Shaft In 17-4 Ph Tempered Steel With Shark Fins And Tahitian Style Flopper
- 80mm Horizontal Reel With A Micrometric Adjustment Clutch And 50 Meters Of 1.7mm Diameter Line
- New Ergonomic Handle In A Non-Slip Geometric Shape. The Angle Of The Handle In Respect To The Barrel Is Designed For Continuity With The Shooters Arm, Absorbing Recoil
- Wide Shooting Line-Retainer Can Be Positioned On Either Right Or Left Side
- Retractable Sliding Safety Mechanism
- Reel Housing With Insert Accommodates Use With Roller Muzzles


- Diameter: 28mm
- Shaft Hardy: 6.5mm, length 95 / 115 / 130 / 140 / 155cm
- S-Power Speed: 17mm, length 40 / 53/ 63cm
- Two S-Power Speed circular slings: 14mm, length 62 / 72cm