19/64th Barbed Euro Shaft (large tabs)
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19/64th Barbed Euro Shaft (large tabs)

Riffe 19/64" (7.5mm) Hawaiian Flopper Euroshaft Made for European style sling spearguns, including Riffe Euro wood speargun series.

*17-4 stainless steel
*Shaft is heat treated and passivated for strength and corrosion resistance; flopper is heat treated and tumbled
*The original RIFFE-designed Shark Fin tabs
*Smooth finish capable of holding 1 to 2 power bands per Shark Fin loading tab
*All RIFFE Euroshafts feature (2) Shark Fin loading tabs
*All shaft machined areas are hand finished.
*LARGE loading Tabs
*Rest tab may be added for easier loading (Generally added to 60" and longer shafts) - 12" up from loading end

Available in the following sizes: