Pipe Spearguns
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Pipe Spearguns

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When selecting between different spearguns it's important to first establish weather you want a wood or pipe speargun. While they both can work similarly the handling, weight, and durability can differ between these 2 types of materials.

About Pipe Spearguns

There are hundreds of pipe or hollow tube style spearguns available. Kona Honu Divers tries to select only the best bang for the buck. Barrels are made most commonly of aluminum and are hollow to promote bouyancy. They can be shaped either round (tubular) or oval (cuttlefish).

Why Pipe Spearguns are Better

Typically these guns are lighter and less expensive than wood barreled guns. They can be colored to look like anything with some pretty fancy designs. Some are even coated with extra layers of coating to make them more durable.

The Drawback of Pipe Spearguns

The Downside of a pipe gun is mostly it's durability and behavior when firing. Pipe spearguns are more prone to denting and flooding. Thicker barreled guns will typically be more durable. They are also lighter underwater and so they will recoil more when fired.


Wood Guns


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Armada Speargun

$329.00 - $349.00

Beuchat Hero


Beuchat Hero W/ Beuchat Pacific reel


Bleutec Acid Carbon


C4 Gladius Camo Carbon


C4 Gladius Carbon Speargun


Challenger Speargun

$249.95 - $269.95

Cherokee Fast


Hero Roller

$532.30 - $544.90

JBL Reaper Series


JBL Reaper St├Án Series


Laser Open Carbon


Laser Pro

$339.95 - $359.95

Magnum BW Camo Speargun


Mares Bandit Speargun

$116.95 - $164.95

Mares Strike speargun


Mares Viper Pro DS

$244.95 - $289.95

Maverick American Shafts

$60.95 - $62.95

Metal Speargun


Modified Pathos Open Pro Roller


Pathos Laser Carbon Roller

$609.95 - $649.95

Pathos Sniper Roller Speargun

$569.95 - $609.95

Pathos Sniper Speargun


Picasso Magnum Rail Light Camo


Reaper Roller Speargun


Salvimar Hero Speargun


Salvimar Tomahawk Inverted Roller Speargun


Salvimar Wild Carbo Open 75 cm


Salvimar Wild Carbo Roller 75cm


SEAC Guun 28 speargun