Makai Reef Rope Floatlines
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Makai Reef Rope Floatlines

Makai Reef Rope floatlines are made of 1/4" Blue Steel 3-strand Polypropylene rope.

Don't let the low cost fool you. The 1/4 inch polypropylene is rated to 1600 lbs, and it's rot and mildew resistant, it floats and dries quickly. Add to that a swiveled longline clip at each end to eliminate tangles. You get all the desired features of a premium floatline without breaking the bank.

Quick Tip: This floatline can be used to land large fish. However, the bends on the end of the longline clips have been known to straighten if fighting a large powerful fish. Using shackles and a large swivel, connect directly to the end loops of the rope bypassing the longline clips.

- 1600lb Blue Steel Polypropylene line
- Stainless steel longline clip with swivel
- 4 Lengths 25ft, 50ft, 75ft, 100ft