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The Best Dive Shop for all Your Spearfishing Big Island Needs

Are you looking to get into spearfishing Big Island? We have everything you could need to get into spear fishing Kona or other parts of the Big Island. Our extensive knowledge and product experts are highly skilled in repair, maintenance, and getting you set up right for spearfishing Hawaii Island. Kona has some of the best spearfishing in Hawaii so why not get the right gear to help you on your way. Spear fishing here in Kona can be a challenge as there are many great spearos that live here. Stop by the shop and pick up a free spearfishing guide from one of our friendly staff.

We would be grateful to help you get started the right way will all of the spearfishing gear and education so you can be successful as a trained and well equipped Spearfisherman or spearfisherwoman.

Questions? Give us a call and we'd be happy to talk story.





Pole Spears








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Aussie Line Pro 1.9mm

$57.00 - $114.00

Aussie Reel (Baracuda Mount)


Aussie Reel (Woodie Base)


Beuchat Hero W/ Beuchat Pacific reel


C4 Gladius Carbon Speargun


C4 Hercules Reel


Cressi Grip Spear knife


D'Angelo II handle no trigger


Deluxe gun butt


Evolve Carbon CT Transformer Polespear

$199.00 - $249.00

Gannet full bungee with SS clip


Gannet hybrid bungee with SS clip


Latex band (by the foot)

$3.95 - $4.50

Magnum BW Carbon Roller


Mares simple reel


Maverick Aluminum Reel

$85.95 - $89.95

Maverick Delrin muzzle


Metal arch wishbone with balls


Metal Speargun


Metal wishbone for latex band

$8.95 - $10.95

Modified Pathos Open Pro Roller


Muzzle bungee pigtail silicone


Muzzle bungee snap silicone


Parallel Euro Band

$34.95 - $39.95

Pathos roller muzzle (26mm round)


Polespear Flopper Tip HD


Pre tied natural latex speargun band

$13.95 - $15.95

Reaper Roller Conversion Kit


Salvimar Big Blue Slip Tip 8mm


Salvimar Twin Wishbone


SEAC Dyneema cord


Speargun Load Assist for Roller Guns


Spyderco Atlantic Salt Spyderedge


Toggler Tuna Tip 5" Cable w/rotary ball


Toggler Tuna Tri-Tip Cable


Tru-Glide speargun track (4D50)


Wanchese Flasher