Streamline Smoothskin Womans Freedive Suit 1.5-3mm
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Streamline Smoothskin Womans Freedive Suit 1.5-3mm

The BestDive Streamline is a modern and unique design that will really stand out from your standard freediving wetsuit. Choose from 2 of 12 colors to create a unique color combination to suit your personal style. Smoothskin suits are great for line diving and look great in underwater photography. They are always going to be more comfortable just because the neoprene is less constrained by a nylon lining restraining it's ability to stretch. Due to the construction of this suit it can only be ordered with nylon lining inside.

Yamamoto 39 Neoprene
Lining: Nylon only
Thickness: 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm
Hood Optional

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