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Motus Freediving Fins

Byron's Favorite plastic fins for most peopl. These fins feature soft blades with removable footpockets. That means you can upgrade the blades to carbon or fiberglass easily.

  • Size 33-34 88cm long freediving fins
  • Full foot pocket
  • Interchangeable blade made of special techno-polymer maximizes flexibility and reactivity
  • Hard thermoplastic rubber foot pocket with dual material density
  • 22-degree angle between blade and foot pocket optimizes thrust power with less effort
  • Weighs 2.6-3.25 pounds (depending on size)

SEAC's Motus Diving Fins have an interchangeable blade which uses a special techno polymer with a formulation focused on the blade's flexibility and reactivity. These fins are softer than your typical plastic freediving blade. The foot pocket is comprised of hard thermoplastic rubber with dual material density — hard in the sole and soft ribbing for the foot — that optimizes comfort and performance. With a 22-degree angle between blade and foot, these fins optimize thrust power with minimized effort.