Mares X-Wing fins
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Mares X-Wing fins

The X-Wing freediving fins have a blade width of 19.0cm and a length of 71.3cm . The variable thickness of the blades allows high performance in kicking. The blade has an inclination of 30° from the foot pocket, for making kicking comfortable. Ideal for long surface fins.

The main features of the X-Wing freediving fins are:
• The tapered blade in high quality elastomer allows for excellent agility and performance
• The foot pocket is built for maximum performance, and delivers perfect power transmission from foot to blade
• V-shaped tip to allow a more stable kick and prevent lateral water sliding
• The blade has a width of 19.0 cm and a length of 71.3 cm
• 30° angle of the blade from the foot pocket
• The Blade is 30% softer than the Razor Pro model
• Interchangeable blade
• Designed to be worn also without socks