Ice Blades
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Ice Blades

One of our favorite beginner blades. These will give you the feel of a quality blade for the price of a beginner blade. Leaderfins has been making blades for a long time and with a 1 year warranty these will be the best fiberglass blades for the price. Making the jump from a plastic freediving fin to a carbon fin is a big one. These Leaderfin blades are a great transition option. They now come in multiple stiffness and lengths. You can try on one of our many footpocket options and find the one that fits you best. Then select the ice blade that suits you best. We will assemble them for you.

- Blade is made of high quality mixture of epoxy resin and fiberglass.

- Blade color - Semi Transparent
- Blade dimensions 80, 70, or 60 cm long x 20 cm wide
- Blade angle ~ 20 degrees.
- Rubber rails attached to the blade provide maximum efficiency in water flow redirection
- Rail color options include: Black, White, Red, and Blue

- Pair of blades weighs ~ 0,8 kg (Medium stiffness).