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Freediving Fin Blades

The way Kona Freedivers does freediving fins we make sure you get the right pockets that fit and the right blades for your budget and application. We then put them together so you have a set of fins that's the best fit for you. This means there are many different combinations of blades and footpockets. 

Check out the video to learn about the difference between fiberglass and carbon fiber freediving blades

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Abyss Fiberglass Blades 60cm


Abyss Fiberglass Blades 70cm


Abyss Fiberglass Blades 80cm


Alchemy V3 Pro Blades


Art Blades


Blue Ice Stereoblades


C4 Falcon Carbon blades


C4 Fast 400 carbon blades


Cetma Prana Composite Carbon Blades


Darkness Blades


Gara Modular Impulse (Single Blade)


Gold Blades


Ice Blades

$99.00 - $144.95

ICT Underwater Coral Blades


ICT Underwater Starfish Blades


Lava Blades


Leader Fin Semi Transparent Fiberglass Blades


Leaderfin Black Camo Blades


Leaderfin Camo 100% Carbon Blades


Leaderfin Cell Blades


Leaderfin Gray Camo Blades


Limited Edition Mirrored Blades

$229.95 $269.95

Limited Edition Siren Blades




Mermaid Purple Golden Blades


Metallic Fiber Blades


Motus fin blade


Pure Carbon 60 cm Blades


Pure Carbon 70 cm Blades


Pure Carbon Blades


Razor fin blade


Riffe Digi-Tek Composite Carbon Blades


S-line Blades


Semi Transparent Mermaid Color Blades


Semi-Transparent Mermaid Galaxy Blades


Sky Fiberglass Blade


V3/30 Blades


Volcano Blades


Woodfin Fiberglass Limited Edition


X-Wing Fin Blade


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