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3Diver Nose Clip


Apnos Mask


Atomic SV2 Flex Snorkel


Backpack Apnea Bag


C4 Fast 400 carbon blades


Corsica Snorkel


D4F Suunto Freedive Computer


Dive Flag


Evolve Carbon CT Transformer Polespear

$199.00 - $249.00

Evolve Evo Air snorkel


Evolve Shrink Grip for Polespears


FII Training Float (includes innertube)


Fin Keepers


Fin Rails (By the Foot)


Foot Pockets EPDM (Pair)


Freediving Static Rope (50 Meters)


Full Set: Freediving Gear Rental


Gara 3000 LD

$119.95 $134.95

Hollis M-1


Insoles for Fins


Kevlar Booties 2mm


Mares Apnea Nose Clip


Metis Cressi Mask


Molchanov Foot Pocket Carbon Inserts


Mundial Assembly Kits (single fin)


Mundial Backpack 2


Oceaner FD-S Wetsuit Men's 3mm


Oceaner FD-S Wetsuit Women's 3mm


Oceaner Rec45 Men's Freediving Wetsuit


Oceaner Rec45 Women's Freediving Wetsuit


Pathos Black Footpockets Soft (Pair)


Pathos Blue Footpockets Soft (Pair)


Picasso Dyneema Gloves


Polespear Flopper Tip HD


Razor Foot Pocket (single)


Salvimar Big Blue Slip Tip 8mm


Salvimar Dyneema Gloves


Salvimar Fluyd Apnea 100 Mask


Salvimar Fluyd Noah Mask


SeaSports Freediver Mask


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