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Freedom, made to measure: every part of the SEAC® Modular BCD is interchangeable. You can simply and quickly adjust the structure of the BCD and find just the right buoyancy in any situation.
• Standard connections: the backpack for the SEAC® Modular BCD can accommodate different bags and backpacks thanks to its standardgauge eyelets for fastening using straps and other fasteners. The padding prevents a irritation from clamps in contact with the back.
• Convenient for travel: SEAC® Modular is the BCD that fits conveniently in your luggage, making it ideal for dive vacations. It disassembles quickly, takes up little space, and weighs just 6.6 lb, so you can use your own BCD set to just the right measurements even when you travel.
• Basic equipment: the basic SEAC® Modular equipment includes: harness with removable shoulder straps and soft backbone with removable steel core, a 30 lb donut double bladder, 2 quick-release pockets for weights, anodized aluminum D-rings and stainless steel belly buckle.