Freediving Training
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Freediving Training & Courses at Kona Freedivers

Have you been wanting to improve your bottom time or go deeper for longer? Our goal is to provide you with the freediving training, knowledge, and skills necessary to enjoy the underwater world safely and comfortably as a well-adapted, certified freediver. Join us in the classroom to learn the concepts, then apply them in the pool, while finally taking what you've learned to the ocean where the theory becomes practice. Kona Freedivers specializes in the highest level of freediving instruction available in Kailua-Kona, HI. Our expert instructors love teaching and aim to ensure your freediving course will be unforgettable and fun.  For an underwater experience that will last a life time, call Kona Freedivers today. Our friendly, knowledgeable crew of professional instructors can teach you how to breath at a time!

"Byron and Nico were knowledgeable, friendly, and passionate about free diving. They created a comfortable and safe environment to learn in! I will be going back for my second class soon."  - @jillyfish831