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Level 2 Freediving Course


The F.I.I. Level 2 Freediving Course builds upon the foundation established during the Level 1 Freediving Course by teaching students advanced freediving techniques and how to effectively use the human body processes to safely and comfortably operate up to depths of 100 feet and more

The physiology information provided during this course will dispel common myths of the average human’s diving ability and target specific practices to harness their full aquatic potential. The course will also troubleshoot depth-related hurdles and address possible injuries applicable to diving within the depth zone of 66 feet/20 meters to 132 feet/40 meters.

This class is a must for all enthusiastic freedivers/spearfishermen wishing to expand their knowledge regardless of the depth they are diving. Freediving tips from our experienced instructor can make all the difference

Level 2 Freediving Course Syllabus

  • Safety and Problem Management Revision
  • Specific Techniques for Triggering and Developing the Mammalian Dive Reflex
  • Equalization
  • Breathing Exercises and Breathing Technique Development
  • Physics and Physiology of the Level 2 Freediver
  • Open-Water Freediving Technique Development
  • Self-Evaluation Techniques

intermediate freediving student diver diving down



This course is taught by a highly trained FII Instructor at locations all over the world. The FII Level 2 Freediver course includes:

  • Classroom Sessions

  • 2 Confined-Water sessions

  • 2 Open-Water sessions


For this course, each diver is responsible for bringing his or her own equipment. Equipment is also available for rent

  • Mask & Snorkel

  • Full Wetsuit (3mm)

  • Weight-Belt

  • Fins

  • Timing device or Dive Computer

  • All freedivers must have access to their own transportation and be prepared to drive up to 45 minutes to dive sites


$695 + tax. The tuition price covers the following:

  • Personalized instruction from a highly trained freediving specialist Daniel Koval

  • 1 Instructor/Assistant :  5 student divers ratio (in-water)

  • Level 2 Freediver Student Manual

  • Classroom Sessions with detailed knowledge development taught by an experienced freediving expert

  • Confined-Water Sessions

  • Open-Water Sessions

  • Certification Card

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